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World-class technology transformation partner for detailed and practical fixes, builds and implementations. Sustainable tech at-scale for accelerated growth and impressive exits. 

Tech Diligence & Product Build


Our dynamic team of experts thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver exceptional, one-of-a-kind value to our clients.

Technology Transformation


Most consultancies lack a tech foundation, we think of transformation as tech-first, ensuring an integrated approach that minimises errors and reduces costs.

Talent Accelerated


Supporting you in realising your technical and business goals through the provision of tailored research solutions: attract, acquire, and retain.


'Abstract Group is capable of dropping in a full squad of people, so we can give them a full project scope and then get them to deliver that project autonomously with guidance from our project and engineering team.'

Ben Houghton, Cloud CTO

IRIS Software Group Ltd


Global presence, on your doorstep

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Trusted by clients worldwide.
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You MUST Conduct Stronger Tech Due Diligence.

Your ROI Lives and Dies By It.

While legal and financial due diligence tend to be standard practises for any investment or M&A activity, technical due diligence can be overlooked despite being directly associated with ROI expectations of shareholders. We know what best practice looks like when it comes to Tech Due Diligence, take a look at our pre-deal technical due diligence framework.


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We are a global centre of excellence, a destination advisory service for large scale transformative technology. We’re a best-practice strategic partner, committed to a full-service solution across the entire lifecycle of your investment.

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