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Abstract Group is your world-class Technology Transformation Partner

We are a global centre of excellence, hyper-focused on the realities of technology projects, understanding the gaps in your PortCos’ technology landscapes and offering detailed and practical fixes, builds and implementations that deliver to your investment thesis.



Unforeseen challenges can hamper value creation. We have developed a 12 Point Technical Due Diligence Framework  for reassurance, ensuring you can invest with confidence.

Value Creation

We work with your portfolio to ensure you have the right transformation roadmaps, technology stacks and talent to deliver your vision and build sustainable value.

Exit Strategy 

"State of the nation": a comprehensive understanding of your PortCo's digital and technology maturity, plus a fully prioritised roadmap of actions ready to take you through to exit.


'Abstract Group is capable of dropping in a full squad of people, so we can give them a full project scope and then get them to deliver that project autonomously with guidance from our project and engineering team.'

Ben Houghton, Cloud CTO

IRIS Software Group Ltd

Tech Due Diligence

While legal and financial due diligence tend to be standard practises, Tech Due Diligence can be overlooked despite being directly associated with ROI potential.  

Knowing what is under-the-bonnet is the obvious prerequisite for investing. We know what best practice looks like when it comes to Tech Due Diligence.

Programme Rescue

When your PortCo's performance is running behind the expectations of your investment thesis we can identify and fix the problem swiftly, ready for exit.

We have a long history of putting PortCos back on track and bringing the conversation back to value creation.


"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

Alexander Graham Bell

Global presence, on your doorstep

Trusted by clients worldwide.
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