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No matter what time of day it is, our online support portal is always available for you.

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Internal Staff

Are you a member of staff within the Abstract Group of company's, then get help here.

Internal Help

Out of Hours

In the event of a business critical request, please contact us, regardless of what support package you are on.

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Operating Hours

Monday to Friday | 9am till 5pm

Monday to Friday | 8am till 6pm
Saturday | 9am till 2pm

Monday to Friday | 8am till 8pm
Saturday | 9am till 2pm

Out of Hours Support

In the event you have a business critical issue outside of our package support hours, please do contact us. Our on-call team will be able to advise you of what support we can provide. 


Phone: 0113 524 1066

Email: 999@abstract-group.com